A collection of scripts I have written. Mainly for my own use, reference and archival purposes. Over the years lost many scripts, and figured that from now on, it would be a good idea to archive them on the homepage.

Language processing.

PHP: Natural Grammar algorithm class. - a PHP class to auto-correct grammar.


ReaChorder.zip - a Python program that can generate a complete MIDI song structure. 
GuitarChorder.py - Reaper script that can draw guitar MIDI patterns.
MIDI.zip - Python scripts to control MIDI devices in Windows.
MarkovChain.py - MarkovChain with chord progressions.
drumpatterns.json - Drum patterns transcribed to MIDI (pitch) values.


PHP: captcha-master.php. - Software: Easy Captcha.
PHP: class.SecureMail.php. - Software: Secure PHP mail class.
PHP: class.db.php - PHP Database class.
htaccess.zip - Webapplication firewall .htaccess (2007)
SQL Injection cheat sheet. - The orginal SQL cheatsheet I wrote. (2006)
Automated File Integrity Bot.zip. - PHP Automated filesum integrity bot. (2007)
PHP: class.imageSanitize.php - PHP Secure upload class, for sanitizing images. (2008)
Flash Object VBFuzzer - A fuzzer for Flash objects. (2007)
PHP HTML Fuzzer - A fuzzer for HTML Tags. (2007)


PHP: JSON Bookstore - Software: Simple JSON Bookstore (for students)


FireSuite.xpi - Fire Suite, first security pentest extension. Unreleased untill now. 
FireEncrypter.xpi - Fire Encrypter, first encryption extension. Released in 2006. 
FireHash.xpi - Fire Hash, an extension to generate hashes. Released in 2007.
ConsolePlus.xpi - Console Plus, a console extension for FireFox. Released in 2008.
Vixen.xpi - Vixen, a complete WYSIWYG editor for FireFox. Released in 2010.
Arioso.js - Opera Arioso,  Active browser vulnerability detection & protection (2008)


VBS: MovieToImageSlices.vbs - Slice a MP4 movie with ffmpeg into PNG frames (image stills).
VBS: Backup.vbs - Simple backup script.
VBS: FindcopyScripts.vbs - Find all scripts and move them to a directory. 
VBS: FindcopyImg.vbs - Find all images and move them to a directory.
VBS: FindcopyDoc.vbs - Find all document and move them to a directory.
VBS: mp3to32kbpsMono.vbs - Downsample all MP3's in directory to 32kb mono.
VBS: ping.vbs - Ping server and log response.
BAT: webdav.bat - Create WebDav connection.
Hosts: My Hosts file - Hosts file with 25.000 blocked hosts, collected over the years.