A collection of extensions for Mozilla FireFox. For reference only, as most of them will not function in the lastest version of FireFox. I quit developing extensions for Mozilla in 2010. All these extensions are unmaintained and will not be further developed.

FireSuite.xpi - Fire Suite, first security pentest extension. Unreleased untill now. 
FireEncrypter.xpi - Fire Encrypter, first encryption extension. Released in 2006. 
FireHash.xpi - Fire Hash, an extension to generate hashes. Released in 2007.
ConsolePlus.xpi - Console Plus, a console extension for FireFox. Released in 2008.
Vixen.xpi - Vixen, a complete WYSIWYG editor for FireFox. Released in 2010.
Arioso.js - Opera Arioso,  Active browser vulnerability detection & protection (2008)